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Improve your bottom line - and support sustainable development

  • Improve your
    bottom line

    No matter how many hotel nights you book a year, you’ll be saving money thanks to our exclusive wholesale hotel prices.

  • A sustainable


    For every booking you make we donate at least one third of our booking commission to your chosen charity - at no extra cost to you.

  • Choose from more than 365,000 hotels

    You can stay at any of our 365,000+ hotels all over the world – from small boutique motels to large chain hotels. All at the best online prices possible

Annual impact report

Every year you’ll receive an Impact Report that summarizes your contribution to your chosen charity. You’ll be able to see the entire amount contributed, what the money went towards, and which Global Goals your company has supported. Share it via social media, send it round the office, and hang it up for all to see. Be proud of your support

About Goodwings

We’re a certified B Corp company giving you access to more than 365,000 hotels all over the world at wholesale prices - saving you up to 15%. For every booking we donate at least a third of our commission to a charity of your choice. This makes it easy and free for you to support those who work towards securing a better future.


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