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Save money on hotels and support youth to lead change

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    Every booking makes a difference. With every room you book, you support phenomenal young leaders worldwide who are solving the most pressing global challenges. You pay for your room, we donate

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    You can stay at any of our 365,000+ hotels all over the world – from small boutique motels to large hotel chains. All at the best online prices possible

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    For more benefits you can join Goodwings Extra, a membership concept that enables you to save up to 15% on your hotel bookings. So you can protect coral reefs - and save money

About Global Changemakers

Global Changemakers is a pioneer in supporting youth-led development projects that can bring about positive change. We provide young people around the world with training, a network and funding. We believe in the potential of youth to create solutions to the challenges of our time

About Goodwings

We’re a B Corp certified hotel booking platform. We believe in making sustainable development profitable through innovative partnerships. For every hotel booking your company makes, we donate at least a third of the commission to a charity of your choice - at no extra cost to you. This way you can travel smarter and turn your company's travel expenses into real social impact.


Amy King

Co-founder, Goodwork


Goodwings offers an easy way for companies to have a measurable impact. They have re-humanized the hotel booking experience.


Hans Henrik Beck

Managing Partner, Qvartz


We try to find purpose in everything we do, and Goodwings has given us a way to use our travel to actually help others.


Christian Møller-Holst

CEO, Goodwings


We want to incentivise businesses to take action for a sustainable future, it's as simple as that

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